Although we prefer to start cooperation through practice already during the course of studies at the university, we also accept colleagues for the position of junior attorney or attorney. We require a professional approach, commitment to assigned cases, independence, but also the ability to work in a team. We offer appropriate background, career growth or the possibility of self-realization through a wide range of causes.

„Loyalty, flexibility, collegiality and helpfulness - qualities that we rely on and that are taken for granted."

Available positions

Legal trainees

The current stage of study is not decisive. Inexperience can be replaced with hard work, creativity and enthusiasm for the legal field.

Junior Attorneys

Previous experience is not a requirement, but certainly an advantage. We conscientiously guide trainees to successfully pass the bar exams and at the same time prepare them for their future profession.


Thanks to the wide range of clientele, we have a broad agenda, i.e. we apply any available specialization.