Scope of business

Together, we perform a general practice, i.e. we provide comprehensive services across all legal branches, i.e. both in the field of private and public law. We work on cases individually and in a team too. When dividing cases, both the causality of the matter, the professional orientation of the office members, and the individuality of the client are taken into account.

As we pay attention to the general satisfaction of our clients, we prefer cooperation on a long-term basis, but occasional or even one-off cooperation is not an exception, always depending on the needs of the clients.

We regularly provide legal representation of clients in proceedings before courts and other authorities, which also involves the implementation of partial legal negotiations, including professional communication with the concerned entities. We also provide, for example, legal consultancy, creation of contractual documentation and other customized documents, while we also provide other legal assistance.

Legal areas

We offer services both in the field of civil, commercial, criminal, administrative and international law, where we increasingly focus on special agendas such as labor law, family law, intellectual property law or public contracts.

You can find more information about the services provided in the individual sections of legal areas.